Publications List

Forward Thinking is involved with several publications. These include:

Ottawa Valley Business

Ottawa Valley Business is an e-publication covering news, events and information related to business in the Ottawa Valley. It publishes on the first and third Tuesdays of the month and subscriptions are free. In addition to news, OVB carries tenders and results, business events and marketing.

Health Matters Magazine

Health Matters magazine began publishing in 2013 as part of a niche marketing strategy for businesses in the preventative healthcare industry. Preventative healthcare is an industry that has a very specific audience, and businesses needed a marketing strategy to reach them throughout the Ottawa Valley. The mission of Health Matters magazine is to provide health information to a local audience, and to educate people about the experts available locally who could assist with their health needs. Health Matters publishes three times a year: January, April and September.

Ottawa Valley Jobs

Ottawa Valley Jobs is where people look for work in the Ottawa Valley. With 3,000 hits each day, this is the job board of choice for the Ottawa Valley region. Assistance in writing the job posting is part of the service. Employers can post individual jobs for $75 or find additional savings with 10, 25 and 50-posting packages.

Travel Our Backyard Magazine

A travel guide isn’t anything new, but the strategy behind this magazine was to change up the content and how it was marketed. Travel Our Backyard is a travel guide for local people. Consider that local people influence 75% of the local tourism market. How is that possible? 25% of all tourist visits in the region are from residents of this region and 50% of tourism is to visit people who live here! One magazine = 75% of the tourism market. The magazine publishes annually.

101 Things to Do in the Valley

As a complement to Travel Our Backyard magazine, a regular list of things to do in the area is circulated via email in 101 Things to Do in the Valley. The list publishes to six times a year – January-February Issue, March-April Issue, May-June Issue, July-August Issue, September-October Issue and November-December Issue. Individuals can subscribe to the list for free. Advertising costs only $25 per event, or five events for $100.

Eastern Ontario Jobs

Launched in 2014, Eastern Ontario Jobs is a job board for employers in Eastern Ontario. With a great lifestyle and cost-of-living, the ability to attract people to the region can be very specifically focused on employment opportunities. While there are many smaller or job-specific boards in the area, Eastern Ontario Jobs has a niche of attracting based on the region. The cost to post a job is $132.75 plus HST. Package postings are also available