You Should Know Your Potential

The opportunity to capture more (revenue, market share, awareness) may not be as difficult as you think, once you know about it

If you think you could be doing more in your business, you’re probably right. You just may not know what it is or how to get there. You need someone who can work with you through that process – a trusted advisor who knows when you need to talk to the accountant and what you need in a marketing campaign. You need someone who has “walked the walk” and that person is Jennifer.

Situations in which small businesses worked with Jennifer to explore future potential:

  • We have had legacy customers for so long; how would we attract new customers? When a business has lived in the status quo for a certain amount of time, the attention it once had in the community diminishes. The strategy then becomes how to reintroduce the business and capture the attention of new and emerging customers.
  • Larger firms are buying up smaller businesses; can I still compete as an independent? Independent firms often have opportunities in areas that larger firms do not. A strategy that maximizes the potential of independent firms can drive its value for customers.
  • Is our business capable of generating more revenue in a sustainable way? When family members want to join a business, or when an opportunity arises to grow locations, ensuring the business has a sustainable way forward is important, but so is an impartial evaluation of the growth options being pursued.
  • I know there’s more I could be doing; I just don’t know if I should be doing it. Just because opportunity exists doesn’t mean you should pursue it. Or does it? Maybe it means pursuing it in a certain way that allows you to capitalize on it while still maintaining the long-term goals you have set. That’s a strategy discussion.

Are you an organization that wants to grow your connection to small business owners?

Business groups, economic development agencies, charities and non-profits, foundations, and governments can benefit from developing small business relationships

Organizations that want to engage small business owners often find it challenging, even if they have something great to offer in the relationship. The reason is often because the organization is more focused on why they need the business owner than on what they can offer the business owner in return for their valuable time and expertise.

As a small business advisor, Jennifer can advise on developing a strategy to elevate the relationship you have with small businesses.