Let’s Start With This: Small Businesses are Superheroes

Giving entrepreneurs the recognition they deserve and the motivation to keep going

Jennifer is a fierce promoter of small business – from encouraging people to become entrepreneurs to inspiring those already established to go after their full potential. She also has lived experience so she “gets it” when it comes to relating with small business owners. This is a speaker who is going to make an impact in the moment while planting the seed for more impact a few days later.

When you want to reach small business owners in a way that encourages them to launch, grow, and scale, Jennifer is the person you want as part of your strategy.

Keynotes and Key Talks

Choosing a topic that resonates with an audience filled with small business owners takes some careful thinking. That’s the challenge with this niche market of business: it is highly diverse. Having consulted with small business owners for 17+ years, Jennifer has developed two keynotes that are on point:

Moving on From the Status Quo

The status quo can seem like a really great place. You’re in a routine where things happen seamlessly, and you can predict outcomes without much effort. It’s a comfortable place that affords you some breathing room (for a change) and you feel like you’ve finally made it to the apex of your small business mountain. And, you have to get out there! In this keynote you learn why the status quo is not your friend, why you have to keep moving forward, and how to do it in a way that brings you real rewards and freedom.

Maximizing Your Marketing Assets

One of the things that drives people crazy about marketing is trying to stay on top of all the things you think you need to know in order to be successful in your business. Search engine optimization, how to use reels, choosing the right keywords, understanding Google Analytics – the list is exhausting. In this keynote, we skip to the front of the line on all this stuff and talk about what truly makes marketing work to your benefit, and how to use what you already have to make it happen. Yes, using what you already have. And it’s a lot more than you think.

Custom Keynotes

Is there a common element amongst business owners that you want to address but you’re not sure how to go about it? Jennifer will work with you to decide how that can best be accomplished. As an example, if you are connected to a group of businesses that are experiencing an impact from a particular circumstance or impact, the best way to address that situation may be to customize a keynote.


Most event planners or meeting organizers request a workshop on a particular subject that impacts small businesses and the organizations that support them. For example:

  • Recognizing Marketing Assets in Your Business. Ideas on how to pursue marketing using what you already have available. Based on the keynote Maximizing Your Marketing Assets.
  • The Growth Dilemma: Do You or Don’t You. How to weigh the possibility of growing or not growing and what could be influencing your thought process. Based on the keynote: Moving on From the Status Quo.
  • Using Marketing to Elevate Other Areas of Your Business. Marketing can help you recruit employees, attract customers, interest volunteers, motivate staff, and more. .

If you need a more customized workshop, talk to Jennifer. Marketing ties into many elements and audiences and if there is something you want to see specifically, she can likely deliver it.

Book the Speaker and the Author

Provide attendees with more marketing impact

Add value to your event by sending attendees home with the easiest and most implementable read in marketing they will ever own. This book gets to the point on some common topics that business owners struggle with whether they are rookies or veterans. Book signings can also accompany your event.