Make It Easy For Your Customer

I was having a chat with a young entrepreneur one day when he brought up a complaint from a client. “I have this guy who keeps emailing me to set up voicemail!” I told him I was surprised he didn’t have voicemail and he responded, “Why when he can just text me?”

I suggested that maybe he was driving and being able to leave a voicemail would be easier. My young colleague noted that there was an app he could download to do a voice text instead. I explained how sometimes voice-to-text doesn’t always capture the right words, having used it myself on a few occasions. You usually always have to re-read the text to make sure it’s correct and that can be hard to do if you’re not in a situation that allows you to text.

“You’re asking the client to do a lot of work to connect with you,” I mentioned. “Why not make it easier on him and just set up your voicemail?”

He was surprised that it would really make that much of a difference. Reluctantly, he agreed.

“As a nice gesture, let the client know that you now have voicemail and thank him for reminding you of that suggestion.”

He let the client know.

The client responded, “Thank you for doing that. I feel more comfortable leaving important information on a voicemail instead of email or text. I appreciate your accommodating me. Let’s talk about the next assignment I have for you.”

Maybe it was just about the voicemail, or maybe it was about whether my young colleague was flexible enough to accommodate the client. Either way, it cost $0 and 10 minutes to set up voicemail and make a good impression with a paying client. That’s a win.

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